Centre for Research & Innovation in the Bio-Economy

about us

Established in 2009

CRIBE is an independent, non-profit corporation

which supports and works to develop a sustainable and profitable forest bioeconomy across the province of Ontario. CRIBE brings together researchers, the forest sector, and end-users and has deployed more than $29M to-date in the creation and commercialization of innovative forest-based, low-carbon solutions.


NextFor is a thriving network

of stakeholders who collaborate across sectors to create and accelerate new technologies, solutions, and products for Ontario’s bioeconomy.

NextFor’s work is organized along four themes:

  • Developing high-functioning value chains
  • Exploring new market opportunities, and
  • Educating to drivemarket traction.

ForestEDGE is

a first-of-its-kind geospatial platform for Forest Economic development. Promoting economic development and investment opportunities in Ontario, Forest EDGE provides investors with decision-supporting tools and publicly available government data related to the province’s forest resources.

Helping connect the dots for Ontario’s bioeconomy!

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