Re-Imagining Forest
Bio-Economy in Ontario

This newest BETA version of the Forest EDGE was developed by Ontario's Centre for Research & Innovation in the Bio-economy to promote economic development & investment opportunities in Ontario, and to provide investors with decision-support tools and information related to the province's forest resources.

Check out our Geospatial Tools to drive new investment in novel, cutting edge products in the growing innovative forest bio-economy right here in Ontario.

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Geospatial Toolbox

We have been re-imagining geospatial solutions for building and strengthening Ontario's Forest Bio-Economy; collaborating with our NextFor Partners.  Utilizing ESRI technology we are continuing to refine our analysis and visualization of forest innovation products.  We're continuing to streamline many of our tools, adding new functionalities that our partners have identified as crucial to move the bar forward in the Ontario economy

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Forest Information

Our Forest Information Reference Encyclopedia will help you get an EDGE in understanding the state of forests, forest management & wood utilization in the Province. Whether you are unfamiliar with Ontario’s forests or a seasoned professional there is a plethora of information for you to dive into!

EFSM 2.5

Our Interactive Economic Fibre Supply Model will help you get an EDGE in understanding Ontario's allocated wood and estimates of fibre costs for investing in Ontario. Explore this tool to get a greater understanding of regional delivered wood costs, species volumes by region and fibre types available.

Infrastructure Explorer

Our Infrastructure Explorer tool can help highlight your top choices of regional opportunities and give you room to explore! Review demographic and market access information to familiarize yourself with relevant communities across Ontario.  

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As we continue to improve our tools & products, we are aiming to improve your decision making when it comes to investing in
Ontario’s Bio-economy.

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