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We have brought together industry & GIS expertise to create user friendly tools & resources for you! Use our tools to better understand Ontario's boreal forest ecosystem & the role of forest products in Ontario's growing bio-economy.
Enjoy exploring the forest EDGE!

Forest Information Reference Encyclopedia

Please enjoy learning about the diverse forest practices & policies that govern Ontario's Forestry & Forest product sector. As you scroll through the different topics please take time to explore the interactive maps, dashboards & data that has been configured using Ontario's government open sources.

EFSM 2.5

Explore our interactive model that combines forest inventory (tree species, volumes, location) and the location of potential facility locations to estimate delivered fibre costs. The following application produces stand-specific values and delivered fibre costs at multiple scales (e.g. woodlands, watersheds, landscape units or tracts) to support screening of regional economic development opportunities.  This fibre is representative of allocations within an approved forest management plan. Available volumes for development must be scoped with further investigation.

Infrastructure Explorer

Explore demographic and market access information combined with regional infrastructure to familiarize yourself with relevant communities across Ontario. Business support mechanisms are also displayed in regional zones for investment assistance.
To start select an area that you're interested in, in the zone selector & watch the
demographic information change.

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